Setting Up

Mutual Aid 101 – If you would like to set up a mutual aid group in your community, this toolkit includes step by step instructions for how you can build your own mutual aid network while staying safe from the spread of COVID-19.

Running Zoom – Remote meetings as a way to gather online

Tips on Handling Money in Mutual Aid

Exchanging Money – Tips on exchanging limited sums of money

Resources for how to do care safely – by Queercare – including sterilising protocol and safe food deliveries to immunocompromised people

Guide: Rules for Mutual Aid Groups – How to avoid “the tyranny of structurelessness” and set some common agreements for your Mutual Aid group


Safeguarding is the mitigation of risks that come from interactions between people. Safeguarding is both for volunteers and for the people they’re supporting. Everyone should think through the risks of their actions when working with others.

  1. Safeguarding Slideshow
  2. Assessing Risk Template
  3. Caring Safety During Covid-19
  4. Addressing Harm, Collective Care
  5. Data Protection & Minimising Data Collection
  6. Coronavirus Health Information + Translated Guides

Tools (Tech)

Coronavirus Tech Handbook – how to use online tech, working, leading alternative online events and isolation. (paid subscription) – cooperatively-run alternative to Zoom

Further Reading