For example, in the USA No More Deaths aims to end fatalities of immigrants crossing the desert on the USA-Mexico border. Volunteers provide food, water, and medicine for those crossing. 

In the UK Channel Rescue holds authorities to account in their duty of those trying to cross the English Channel. This involves monitoring the situation in the English Channel, and specifically arrivals by small boat from France and their processing by the authorities. Their volunteers do this by documenting landings, acting as legal observers, and providing support to those making the crossing and recently arrived people.

Meanwhile the MV Louise Michel intends to uphold maritime law by rescuing anyone in peril without prejudice in the Mediterranean. It acts as a rescue vessel, to save lives of migrants attempting to cross given European states stopped reacting properly to distress calls from people on the move, leaving them to drift at sea and collaborating with armed forces to illegally prevent them from crossing- leading to thousands of deaths.