An Inside Look at One of Bristol’s New Coronavirus Mutual Aid Groups

This article is about my experience of being involved in one of the thousands of new mutual aid groups which have sprung up across the British Isles. It’s the first thing that I have written in this confusing time since the global coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak reached the UK, and it’s been difficult to write. I hope it will be the first of many articles about the growth of these mutual aid groups.

A time of uncertainty and isolation

The last week or so has been pretty memorable for everyone. Full of stress and anxiety about friends and family who are vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus, and made more difficult by the enforced separation from many of the people we’re closest to. It’s also a time of letting go of old plans, and getting used to the fact that many things have changed, maybe for a long time. Some things we’re used to could change forever.

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